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Blues against hunger society
Giving Hunger the Blues Since 2013

About Blues Against Hunger Society

What is BAHS?

Blues Against Hunger Society is a not for profit organization, but without tax-exempt status, intended for the preservation, education, and enjoyment of the Blues and eliminating hunger in the communities it serves. It is made up of blues fans, musicians, and caring individuals and businesses that believe in the BAHS mission

We all agree - MUSIC AND MEALS HEAL.

Our mission 

The Blues Against Hunger Society is dedicated to feeding the hungry. Our mission is to produce blues concert and jam food drive events that promote the donation of non-perishable food and bring a greater awareness to the problem of hunger in their communities and sharing and preserving the blues. The donated food supports the community food bank or charitable service provider feeding those in need.

Blues Against Hunger Society believes hunger and blues come from the same origin - poverty. Blues overcame being a music of the impoverished to become an inspiration and element of all western music since. It's with this power of the blues, that we fight to overcome hunger.

The Blues Against Hunger Society's mission is to assist the Blues to survive, thrive and prosper in the communities it serves. We would like to be a positive source of information, education and enlightenment as it relates to the Blues and hunger.

The Blues Against Hunger Society would like to support any and all purveyors and consumers of the Blues including the musicians themselves, club owners, concert promoters, festival organizers, artist management, media outlets and anyone related to and associated with the Blues music scene. We seek to connect with other like minded organizations across the country whose vision we share.

We are a social group which distributes tasks for a collective goal, specifically fighting hunger and the preservation, education, and advancement of the blues tradition

How can you help

Become a member of BAHS and Join Today.  Members are encouraged to support the Society in its many activities by volunteering and sharing our mission with others.  BAHS welcomes personal donations and corporate sponsorship. Merchants offering a discount to BAHS members will be so recognized in our newsletter, on our Facebook Page and on our website.

About BAHS

The Blues Against Hunger Society takes a supportive approach in this fight, which means addressing the hunger with food – gather food and distribute food to those in need. This support and relief can be enough to help those in need to improve their communities and build better futures for themselves and their children.


7845 Redwood Hwy.
Wilderville, OR 97543

Phone: 1-760-618-2582


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